Our School

Thembelihle translates to “Good Hope”  – a hope that all shall be well.

Angels Care Centre Pre-primary, which is the feeder school for Thembelihle, caters for co-educational learners between the ages of 3 and 6. Through innovative learning programs, we provide a stimulating environment for the physical, intellectual, social, emotional and spiritual development of the child.

The primary school encompasses a holistic school environment through the Formative Junior and Senior Primary phases, aiming to develop the learner academically, socially, physically, emotionally and spiritually, through school from grades 1 – 7.

Educational Model

STEAM (Science, Technology, English, Arts & Mathematics)

Our academic model not only fills our children’s minds with knowledge but also develops key skills to equip them to think critically and creatively. Our holistic approach to education develops the unique talents of every child so they can reach their full potential and access to the most competitive high school and tertiary programs offered in our country. Education is a means for our scholars to break the cycle of poverty from which they originate. By focusing on Science, Technology, English, the Arts and Mathematics (STEAM) we  encourage our children to “think logically and laterally” so that they achieve academic success.


In a competitive world, it is imperative to take every measure to rise above the rest. While our school is an English medium school, we recognize the need to interact in multiple languages and embrace the complexity of culture identified in South Africa’s 11 Official Languages. Studies show that bilingualism encourages minds to be resourceful in defining and prioritizing information. This improves and develops cognitive levels, pathways for creative solutions, concentration and application, aptitude to isolate information and grasp new concepts within a demanding environment.

Physical & Social Development

Many of our children are the innocent victims of extreme circumstances including gender-based violence, broken families, illness and malnutrition. We nurture our children through every area of their lives by providing for their physical and social development. We do this by providing daily nutritious meals, as well as medical care, counselling (when required) and a sport program to encourage their physical development and teamwork.

Information Technology

An enormous challenge for the school in 2013 was to enhance the standard of education offered at the school through the introduction of technology.

In an attempt to foster innovation and excellence in teaching, the school has equipped all our teachers with laptops as well as data projectors in their classrooms. Teacher training has been provided by SchoolNet, a not-for-profit NGO that provides ICT integration for teachers and education managers. We have introduced tablets for use by the primary school children to allow individual interaction with online learning programs.



Thembelihle takes pride in its value driven system of education, offering a solid educational foundation, supported by exposure to various other educational interests, that are sadly often lacking in non-fee paying Government schools.

We are committed to the development of the whole child; body, mind and spirit.

Through sports we aim to develop a child’s self confidence and self respect, nurturing their commitment and the reward in dedicated application and pride in their achievement.

We aim to participate in inter-school matches, providing our budding athletes an opportunity to be noticed at District, Provincial level and beyond. In developing their physical strength and technical skills, this will assist with growth opportunities and bursary possibilities.

We offer cricket, netball, soccer, hockey, athletics, swimming and canoeing.

Eco-School Program

We are proud to have joined the Eco-schools program. Eco-schools operate in over 51 countries worldwide and is an international program of the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE). The program is managed locally by the Wildlife and Environmental Society of South Africa (WESSA). 

Eco-schools improve environmental management at schools and promote environmental learning. This means that groups of teachers, learners and community members undertake projects to improve environmental management at their school. This could range from saving electricity to starting a vegetable garden – the possibilities are endless! Teachers draw on these practical projects when planning their environmental lessons.

Thembelihle is very privileged to be situated in Howick, close to the WESSA offices. In addition, the school has joined the Midlands Meander Educational Project which provides teachers and children with access to many resources and assists the establishment of environmental projects.

Choir & Arts

John Tungay, the founder of the Drakensberg Boys Choir, established our choir in 2011. The group of 24 talented children, aged between 8 and 12, were taught to read musical staff notation, breath control, vocal development and accurate pitching of notes. Our choir grooms a child’s confidence through a well-spoken command and understanding of the English language.

We embrace local traditions focusing on singing cultural songs and learning cultural dance. Some of the choirs’ notable performances include singing a challenging program of classical music with combined adult choirs from Durban, Pietermaritzburg and the Midlands, with well-known Johannesburg conductor, Richard Cock. Following these performances, children were invited to attend the Royal School of Church Music 2013 and 2014 Summer Schools. The Thembelihle children shone among choir children from across South Africa, with one of them receiving the prestigious top chorister award.

Our choir is still strong and ever growing and each year more students get involved.

In 2023 Thembelihle partnered with the Ardmore Community Fund to grow and strengthen our Art and Music offering to the children.