Welcome to Thembelihle School

We are an independent school providing quality education to young children from disadvantaged backgrounds in the villages surrounding Howick region, within the Province of KwaZulu-Natal in South Africa. We are a registered non-profit organisation catering for 580┬áchildren from grades 1-7. Angels’ Care Pre-School is our feeder school.

Thembelihle is the only independent primary school that provides vulnerable children access to a world-class education through our unique, holistic, Christian, values-based approach to teaching and learning.

Thembelihle currently has 420 children with 2 classes per grade and 30 children per class.

Angels’ Care currently has 150 preschool children and 10 bridging class children.

In total, we currently have 580 children in our care.

80% of our children are sponspored

Thembelihle's Vision

To be a beacon of hope in the pursuit of excellence.

To provide a quality education to under-resourced communities from the Howick area. The school aims to equip learners for life through an education that fosters innovation and excellence.

The governing body and teachers hope to nurture and promote the academic, spiritual, social and emotional growth of the children. The School is interdenominational and welcomes learners of all faiths and from all backgrounds.

Our Children

Our children come from poverty-stricken, poorly resourced communities surrounding Howick of the KwaZulu-Natal Province of South Africa.

Those living in these communities are largely unemployed and have moved from rural areas in search of employment. Many of our children are orphans, members of child-headed households, living with HIV and AIDS either personally or with their caregiver or living with grandparents or relatives who survive on minimal state pensions. In some cases they are immigrants.

Living conditions are very harsh and many of our children come from homes with no running water, electricity or sewage systems.

Our Values

Our Mission

Thembelihle School brings hope to children and families in our community. We will:


a holistic and multicultural education rooted in Christian values for children of all backgrounds.


a safe environment to learn and grow academically, socially, emotionally and spiritually.


barriers to education and provide inspirational preparation for each child to reach their full potential.


with families in caring for the needs of the whole child beyond the classroom.

Working as a community, we will give each individual child the tools they need to take their next steps and achieve success in every phase of life. Our collective impact will shape the future of our children and South Africa.