Our Funding

Our governing body works tirelessly finding generous donations without exclusion, from diverse platforms and within every demographic, to sponsor our school in the growth of underprivileged children, without which there would be little hope for an education.

Our funding comes from a variety of sources:

Leading Corporate Entities

A great way to contribute as part of the triple bottom line

Small to Large Business Owners

Giving back to disadvantaged local communities

Private Donors

Any donation you can spare at the end of the month can make a child's day

Fundraising Initiatives

School's & children often raise funds through entrepreneurial days


Some of our most valuable donations come in the form of knitted teddies & blankets

What assurances can we offer that your donation is being used effectively?

  • Credibility & Reliability

    We have an excellent reputation among our community and donor's.

  • Accountability

    We are responsible and accountable to our donor's & board of governors with our budget allocation.

  • Transparency

    We pride ourselves on full transparency. If you want any information on how your donation is making a difference - just ask.

  • Feedback

    Part of the donation process is knowing how you have made a difference. This comes through regular progress reports and feedback.

In addition to the funds raised for ongoing expansion, as part of our mission for growth we also require funds for operational expenses.

Get Involved

Our sponsorship programs are designed to give you full flexibility to support areas that interest you personally, your budget and where you feel most connected.